Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring '09

If you know me at all, you would know this semester has not been a piece of cake. Although I have really liked some of my classes, there have been a few that has totally made this one heck of a semester. Looking back, I think I might miss some of these classes, or at least they gave me some memories. I thought about writing a “top 10” of why I would miss this semester, but I thought you should get a glimpse at all of them. So here’s to you, Spring ’09…

AgLe 4101 – My once a week course. We only had approximately 10 people in the class so we became real close, real fast. By the way, the whole class was discussion. I have never been one to contribute much to class, but I have definitely learned. T and I became the go to people when they needed someone to talk. I now realize it is not as simple to teach a class of students who do not want to participate. Mr. Weeks nicknamed me Flo from those Progressive commercials…I really don’t think I look like her though, but hey, she is probably rolling in some money; those are great commercials! Towards the end of the semester, I think this class was more like therapy than talking about leadership. Maybe that was because we started to apply it to our life. Quite possibly the best class I have taken at college. I will miss those guys :)

Layout – & Design; one of my friends got really excited to hear I was taking layout until she found out we don’t just ‘layout’ all the time…lol…it is still fun to say. OK, she isn’t really dumb, but…Whew! This class was fast, fast, fast. My head might still be spinning. OK, not that bad, plus I like the challenge. I definitely learned a lot I wish there were two semesters of it to go more in depth. C, B, and I shared some memories and inside jokes together. “Sheeeellly” and Seb became a real person here.

Features – What other school book allows you to read about “Strong Beginnings, Satisfying Endings?” Don’t take that dirty!! OK, maybe we did, which made reading the chapter even more interesting. Pun (too cute for words ;) ), pleasure, and others that I have forgotten. However, we did write them down once. I will miss popcorn reading with B….

EntoHaha…this class is the whole reason I am writing this blog topic. I don’t even know where to start. The best thing that came from this class was the clickers. It was kind of hysterical to answer a question then everyone basically drop their clickers on the desk multiple times. Maybe you had to be there for that one, but it was a highlight of our day. This past week, I had a small fear of getting an F!. If you really want to know why, talk to me in person as this is not the place to put this type of information haha. Oh man, the couple who sit in front of us on the first row... When is it ok to lick a guy’s ear in the middle of class? Well, it happened. C and I attempted to study at the library one night until we found out our other smart friend and her smart friends were studying on the first floor in the library. So, we went and ‘studied’ with them. I am sure they thought we were stupid lol. I don’t think I have made it to the library as many times within one semester as I did with this class. Do you think it is the beginning of a trend for me? Doubtful. How about, ‘Hey, Hey, It’s Eval Day!” This was the day we had been waiting for since we started!! I wrote a children’s book called “Lucky the Ladybug.” Hmm…probably shouldn’t get that published. Bug Bowl – Whirlygigs? WTF? I am still wondering why we were called that. However, I did make some new friends and everyday I was very productive. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I was given an hour and 15 minutes to get caught up on anything I needed to…I think I will miss that class HAHA

PR – You know, this class really did boost my confidence. He made me feel like I could actually write. Getting a 60/50 is pretty good don’t you think? Enough said…I needed that boost at the end of the semester.

MGMT – Assignments were great; Tests not so much. Staying up late in 266 with K and then finishing up on Friday mornings at work because we would always get caught up in an intense conversation and then decide it was too late to finish lol.

I can laugh at this stuff now, and I hope you did too. Fall’09 – you have a lot to live up to.

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  1. Haha yes...us by ourselves in 266 always leads to an intense conversation until at least midnight and then finishing our homework the next day. But I loved it lol. :)