Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Group Dynamics

Hey bloggers!

I just left a class discussing teamwork and a question was posed if we think we are good team members. After everyone talked, I wondered to myself, "Do we do this to ourselves?" We can talk all we want about other people not getting along with other group members and how not everyone contributes equally. But, what about us griping because it is not being done our way? Or, what about us only getting along with a small group, not the whole group? If you were left on the outside or your ideas weren't being considered, would you still want to be apart of this group? I highly doubt it. It is so easy to pass the blame to someone else, but what we need to do is start being a team player ourselves. We can all contribute something, but we can't contribute the same thing--which is good because that would be a dull conclusion. In addition, we all see things differently, different perspectives perhaps, and that can greatly enhance our ideas. I know it is difficult to get along with people who are not the same as us, but we will have to do it the rest of our lives. This is not something that ends once graduation day comes. Sometimes we will get in great groups, and sometimes we won't. However, maybe if we step back and see why things aren't going as great as it should, we can see we are probably apart of the problem too.