Monday, June 29, 2009

Follow your dreams

I have always been an imaginative girl. Typically they were the dreams of an innocent girl who wanted the perfect life, or at least the perfect life in her eyes :)

It wasn't until high school when I started to really dream and set goals for myself. Most of this occurred because of the impact my agricultural education class had on me. It was unreal to me that someone besides family members would really believe in me. I mean I was this new kid in a new environment who was extremely shy. Why would you think I would be good at giving speeches? It turned out that within 4 years, I had garnered many plaques and placed twice at the state speech contest. Not to pat myself on the back, but I want to give credit to the person who believed in me -- my ag ed instructor.

The thing about ag teachers is that they always want to improve. They always want to inspire and impact their students because one had done the same for them several years before. They come up with new ideas to help their students make the most of their experience while in FFA and their class.

Currently, I have the opportunity of working with one of these instructors who want to give not only his students, but also other students, more. In fact, this idea has been brewing for two years now. This reminded me why the ag ed classroom made me want to dream. I feel blessed to be a part of making a goal of his come true. I hope we will do a good job and not let him and his chapter down. :)

I love this. I love being a part of making someone else's goals a reality. Take home message for the day: Dream. Set goals. Sound like high school? Maybe. But, why do we think we are above that?

"And when you dream, dream big. As big as the ocean blue'. Cause when you dream it might come true." - Ryan Shupe, Dream Big

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