Saturday, June 13, 2009

Can I have your autograph please?

Every 5 years the high school my dad graduated from has a reunion. I have only been to this one other time when I was young. The two things I can remember are 1) my little brother got lost at the dance, and I really thought I would NEVER see him again me a little scared...and 2) it is pretty windy in West Texas. However, this year my dad and I are making the trek back there. I am really really excited about this.

Well last night my dad was going through some things and he happened on some stuff he has kept from his Texas days. I love it when he goes through stuff and has a story for every single thing :) Typically they are about football and I have probably heard them before, but of course I listen. Actually, I really do like to hear his stories lol. I heard about his old football coach, Dunny Goode. According to my dad, in a nutshell, he was a good coach and a good person. He also talked about several other guys whom he preceded to say, "You will get to meet this guy." Not gonna lie, this made me laugh. I thought it was so cute he said that. LOL. OK, so I probably won't ask for their autograph, but I am glad my dad and I get to spend some quality time together and he gets to see his buddies.

Daddy's Girl? Guilty. Being the only daughter I have a duty to keep, and I do the best I can. :)

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  1. i think one of the best titles in like is "daddy's girl"