Sunday, July 5, 2009

West Texas

Fields of grass is all you can see for miles. You can barely see the structures where memories were made. That tiny ghost town leaves a warning on an abandoned building, "Leave Now, Leave Now." The creeks and riverbeds have all run dry. However, the spirit of a small West Texas town of Lefors still lives on.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend my dad's high school reunion with him. When the mailer arrived several months ago, I practically begged my dad to go. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but I wanted to see who, what, when, where, and why my dad talked so much about this place. I guess that is my communications instinct and my love of history. A few days ago, my dad told me that none of his friends were bringing their wives. That means there would be no women. But, this is why I love my dad. He didn't even care and still wanted me to go with him. I have to admit I was a little nervous about this, but it wasn't bad.

On the way to the hotel, my dad took me around Lefors and several places where he grew up. When we arrived at the hotel, I was excited to see my uncle and finally meet some of these guys my dad talks about. When I met them, I knew it was going to be ok. They surprised me by giving me a hug...a little Texas hospitality perhaps? They shared stories, which were hilarious. Probably not if I had been their mother back then :) That night we went to a friend of theirs in Lefors. Sitting on the front porch, telling stories. When you are on the front porch, all is well with the world.

The next morning, we took the "scenic" route to Lefors. Bowers City, where my dad first went to school, and was a small community about 10 miles or so from Lefors, now only has a narrow road and a few abandoned buildings. We finally made it to the high school. It seemed like everyone knew everyone. My dad was quick to say, "This is my daughter, Megan." And, if he forgot and was talking, either my uncle or one of their friends introduced me. You could tell they were close and would do anything for one of those guys.

Most of the people were really nice and enjoyable to talk to. However, there were a couple...One couldn't get it through his head that just because I take writing classes doesn't make me a writer. You know the kind that writes books and children's books. And the other. I better be careful here because he is a friend of my dads and uncles. But, he sit by me the night before and kept talking to me and my uncle and didn't remember me the next day. Seriously? I know beer was involved, but really?

It was a great day. my dad has some pretty good friends. It is good to see a small town produce such good people. It is good to see people who did something upon graduation. Maybe they went into banking, legislature, or education. Yup, I saw it all here. Yet, they will never forget the place where it all started. Plus, we got quite a fireworks display on our way back :)

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