Thursday, July 9, 2009

The rant

Ok, so I just need to rant a little bit and I will be alright. I have started to realize this affects most every aspect of my life...I am 21 years old. I do not need to be treated like I am still in high school. No, I can't do it all by myself and I need guidance, but I don't need to be told what to do.

For example, this workshop we are doing. Don't get me wrong, I am still excited about doing it, but there is a ton more work to it than there should be. I do not think the presenters need to be in meeting after meeting of how to do a workshop or over the material they are presenting. I assure you they know what they are talking about. I assure you they know the difference between teaching to high school students and college students. We are going to school for this. If we do not know something, we know how to ask questions, but we should already know the answer. This should be fun and they have made it a bother. We are helping you out. You asked us to do this workshop for a reason.

Scared to mention this area of life in fear of being hated upon. But, if you read this, you probably know. This is where I believe that a senior in college shouldn't be doing the same things a freshman does. Thanks Karolyn for pointing that one out. Meaning I shouldn't have to participate in a ropes course to promote team building. That is what I did all through high school and now all through college. If this is the only way teams can be built, we are in trouble. More I could say about this, but probably shouldn't lol.

Like I said, I know I can't do it all by myself. However, I don't really like when people tell me exactly how to do something when they have given us control. And, I don't like it when we set deadlines for a reason and then they completely shatter. Deadlines have a purpose. I can only do so much.

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