Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Big, Yellow Schoolbus

I guess it is inevitable school begins once more on Monday. I will be starting my 2nd year as a graduate student at Oklahoma State. I kind of feel like this in my senior year all over again. At this point 2 years ago, I definitely thought this was the end of my formal education. Little did I know God had plans for me to stay for another two years. However, this is it for me.

Since both of my parents were in education, I grew up in the school. When I was younger my favorite part of the year was when school supplies came in, and we got to distribute the materials to the teachers. No lie. There was a couple of us who had parents who were teachers and so we would spend the whole day playing and doing whatever the teachers needed. Man, those were the days.

Although both of my brothers played sports all their lives, it wasn't until about my 5th grade year that I started to attend regular high school baseball and basketball games. Since Oilton was a small school, we had fall baseball, basketball, and then spring baseball. In the summer, sometimes my older brother played summer leagues too. Needless to say, I watched a lot of sports in my days-we always went to the games, which is something I am very proud and honored that my parents chose to support us in everything we did. When I got in high school, I was a cheerleader and so once again, we traveled to all of the basketball games. I made as many baseball games as I could amongst anything else I was doing, but my brother had already graduated.

During college, I still made an effort to attend all my little brothers activities as well, but it got a little harder. And then came my junior year in college when Tim transferred to Cushing, but dad still traveled to baseball and basketball games with Oilton since he was the Principal/Athletic Director. I will forever savor those moments we traveled to games together. We have been to a lot of places. This may seem nerdy, but I love to see school buses on the road. I love to see where they are from and what direction they are headed. It literally brings a smile to my face every time. It reminds me of those times traveling to baseball, basketball, and football games (when Tim transferred schools).
Last year, I wasn't able to go to as many high school games. My dad is no longer at Oilton and so he doesn't have those responsibilities, but we still like to get back to Oilton and watch as much as possible.

With this being my last year around this area, that I know, I am going to try and get to as many football, baseball, basketball games as much as I can. I don't like high school sports because it reminds me of the "Glory Days." I like high school sports because of the memories with my family, especially my dad.

Support local sports this upcoming year. Get involved, cheer loud, and make memories.

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