Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here they are!

I know you (if anyone actually reads this) have been dying to read what I am resolving to do for the year 2011 :) Soooo....I will not make you wait any longer-here they are!

1) Read the whole Bible in 1 year
Many Bible reading plans are out there if you are looking into really digging into the Word. I will be using a plan from Maybe you would rather start with reading through the New Testament or the Psalms and Proverbs-many plans are made for this as well. Hint-if you read 1 Proverb each day, you can read through all of Proverbs in a month-cool, huh?

2) Become more fit and toned by Mattie's wedding in May
I am a bridesmaid in a wedding and would like to look like I maybe perhaps actually workout, plus I would like to start doing more physical activity. There are several ways I am planning on trying this out-sidenote: I have made fitness more a part of my life than it is now, so I am not completely trying something new haha. I'm going to start running-well, walking and running...I'm not a runner and possibly that is the way it will stand, but there is no harm in trying something different. Plus, excess pop should be eliminated from the daily routine and some kind of other activity-perhaps, yoga??

3) Use my mortar board
If you know me at all you are probably wondering why this one is in there because I always use my mortar board. But, the truth is, I really haven't used it much this past semester. Some people create lists and use calendars and others do not. Not using my mortar board is probably why at times my life has been chaotic cause I didn't really know what was going on. Some have a gift at remembering things without writing them down, but that is not my gift, and I have come to accept that part of me. I will stop judging those who seem to fly by the seat of their pants because, truth be told, that is how they best remember things and excel at doing those things, and I excel by writing lists and knowing what my day consists of-maybe even throw a few random things in there too! :)

4) 2011: The year of service
If you don't know, during the past semester, I surrendered my life to missions. Most people think of mission work with international missions. However, I believe God's calling for me deals with the U.S., maybe even just out my back door. There are so many people here who need to hear and see the love of Christ. Now, if God allows the opportunity, I would like to travel to a foreign missions project, but until then... I am planning on going with my church to New Mexico during the summer for a missions trip. But, this year is just dedicated to service and trying to honor God in everything I do. For example, this month I will be volunteering at my church a little extra helping with the cleaning. I love serving others, and I pray it that it is not just serving others, but completely serving God.

These are my resolutions-more than likely I will fail at some point, but I'm not waiting until another year before I pick myself back up. That is why this year is also dedicated to forgiveness-forgiveness to myself for my failures and forgiveness to other things that will come up this year. God allows us to come to Him for healing and grace, and I'm going to take Him up on that promise :)

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