Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just a Call Away

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3

Have you ever waited impatiently for a specific phone call? One that you don't know the time it is coming or how long you will get to talk, but you will be extremely disappointed if you miss? Well, I guess the ol' military has taught me another calls are a precious gift at times. I watched for a whole year, as my older brother was overseas, my parents eagerly anticipating phones calls. Sometimes they never came and at times the only thing they heard was his voice on the answering machine because they had missed the call. But, sometimes after answering the phone and having a small pause in there, a voice familiar to us would say "hey" and all of a sudden a certain peace came over your body knowing you were really talking to your loved one and he was OK. When Tim left for Basic he had one call when he arrived at Ft. Jackson. My parents waited the whole day on June 5 and left for an hour to go run an errand. During that time, Tim called and I answered. Talk about disappointment from both my parents and brother! lol So, from when Tim left on Memorial Day until today, my parents had not talked to him. They knew he was going to call, but not certain the time. On faith, my mom went to church but came right home after, just in case. Good thing too since Tim called around 2 p.m. this afternoon. Dad didn't get to talk to him because he was still up at church. But, this phone call was a very important one for my mom. I am happy she got that call.

Much like we wait for important phone calls, I believe our Heavenly Father waits for us to call on Him. He is eagerly waiting to hear our voice. How often do you sometimes go before you talk to God the next time? I can't honestly say I have a perfect prayer life...that is something I definitely want to get better at doing. The truth is that He does answer when you call on Him. Sometimes it is not always what you are wanting to hear and then other times he blesses you beyond measure. Amy Grant has a song out right now called "Better than a Hallelujah." To me, this song shows us that God doesn't want you to just come to Him when things are going great, but even during the darkest times of your life. When you are completely broken and call to God, He enjoys that more than someone who always "does the right, Christian things." I think this shows that you recognize God truly is the only One who has the power to save and is God.

God really is just a call away. He is waiting to hear our voices.

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