Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In death

In death I am reminded of how much it hurts. It hurts the family and friends who knew the person and it hurts to watch those who hurt. In death I reminded of how important community is-your relationships with the people around you. I am reminded of how important your family is and being thankful for those who you can still share life with. In death I am reminded of what really matters in life-and it isn't the material things we tend to value so much. I am reminded of how important your church family is. Most importantly, I am reminded that as Christians, death has no claim on us. God conquered death so that we may live eternally with Him.

John 19:30 shows us the 3 words Jesus said before He died on the cross more than 2,000 years ago: "It is finished." With this, we have been offered a gift and we must choose either to accept it or not. However, I have to say why not take God up on His offer? This is a gift that keeps giving and giving. Christianity is not a ticket to being perfect because we aren't, and are not capable of perfection, and it isn't going to relieve you of adversity in your life, but it will give you hope. God also offers mercy and grace and like I originally said, eternal life.

I have been thinking about this post for several days in light of a family friend's mother/grandmother. In my head this post runs on and on, but thoughts have seem a little fleeting right now. Sometimes fewer words are better.

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