Monday, March 16, 2009

I think I am a closet nerd

Ok, so tonight the space shuttle flew over my town at 8:06 p.m., just like they reported. And, we aren't supposed to believe media ... lol ... But, truthfully, I really was excited to watch the shuttle go over Oklahoma. One reason I am a closet nerd. Here is another ... I like to read newspapers (both online and the real thing) as well as watch the news. I am interested in politics, though I don't always have an opinion because I think it is sometimes best we don't. I like history. Especially small town history. I could listen to my dad talk about Texas all day. I like school, I really do. I would rather be given busy work anyday than to just not do anything. I like to read as well. However, I tend to buy way more books than I actually read. It is like I have this addiction to books ... weird I know. How about this. My goal for this summer: Pick 5 books to read and do it! I will let you know what I decide later. Until then, let's keep the nerd part a secret, ok? lol :)

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